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History: The Age of Fables

From the personal notes of Larissa Moonshadow, tiefling scholar:

The Age of Fables (-2250 A.F. 1200 A.F)

From deep in their mountain fastness, the Dwarves emerged to craft an empire. Filled with an almost religious zeal—the source of which is unknown to outsiders—their empire spread far and wide, bringing the light of civilization to the darkened corners of the land. Colonies grew into cities, which grew into kingdoms, which served to spread the might of the great emperor-kings of Mountainhome. Many wars were fought, and alliances forged, with the human, elven, and dragonborn empires. Peace ruled the land.

It was not to last, however. The Age of Fables was to end in the Time of Death, as demonic armies swept the land, bringing destruction and plague. Kingdom after kingdom fell before the terrible might of the goblinoid armies. The Goblin Empire was crafted amoung the ruins of the dwarvish one, a kingdom based on slavery and devotion to darkness. Only the might of the stalwart Dragonborn Empire blocked their total ascension to power, and the apocolyptic war that ensued would bring both of these mighty powers to ruin, never to rise again; except, perhaps, as scattered clans.

((Yet more history from this era still remains undiscovered))



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