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History: The Age of Heroes

From the personal notes of Larissa Moonshadow, tiefling scholar:

The Age of Heroes (0 – 400 A.H.)

Still reeling from the devestations of the last era, the kingdoms of man have rapidly risen and fallen again in the past few centuries. The dwarven empire is making a slow recovery; clans of dragonborn and tieflings wander the earth, and the goblinoids are again reduced to a savage existence. The elvish kingdoms have become reclusive and well-guarded; Fayre is again in alignment with the mortal plane, allowing the Eladrin (and the stranger creatures of the fay) to once again roam the wild places. Although much time has passed already by mortal reckoning, it is still hard to tell what events this new era will bring.

((This is the current era. No time like the present!))



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