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Personal History: Larissa

379 A.H.
Born Larissa Moonshadow, tiefling female.

379 – 400 A.H.
Early life. Your early life thus far is largely secret, and thus not shared with your companions. You are well-learned in matters magical and historical, and your natural glibness and talent as a Bard has trained your tounge to be both golden and razor-sharp, as well as gifted you a keen ear for the local gossip. You have some small talent in magic, and have mastered the use of two Rituals. You are a worshipper of Corellon. You are fluent in Common and Elven.

400 A.H.
Having been recently contacted by an old acquaintance of yours—an earnest young priestess of the Great Church named Marla—you were sent to Winterhaven in order to investigate rumors of a dangerous cult headed by a twisted priest named Kalarel.

Upon arriving in Winterhaven, you chose the local inn (Wrafton’s) as an ideal place to begin your investigation. Soon after settling in, you were suprisingly pleased to make the acquaintance of a somewhat strange-looking halfling called Splug, who regaled you with interesting stories as your dining companion. Shortly thereafter, you were accosted by a large dragon-man warrior (Tovar) and a hyperactive human teen (Nariko), who swept you away in their recent adventure, eventually freeing the town of an imminent undead menace, and journeying onwards to defeat Kalarel and his evil plans.



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