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Personal History: Nariko

c. 384 A.H.
Born name unknown, human female. Adopted shortly thereafter as Nariko Rayne.

384 – 396 A.H.
Raised by the Rayne family in a fine inn at a quiet port city. Adoptive mother died soon after Nariko’s inclusion into the family, after which Nariko was raised mainly by her adoptive father and her older brother, Erick.

396 – 400 A.H.
Around age 12, Nariko’s sorceress powers began to manifest. After a period of self-instruction, she turned to the wizard Telvann, a long-term tenant of the family inn, for an informal apprenticeship which would last several years.

400 A.H.
Having learned of the meaning of the Dragonmark tattoo on her back, which she had had since birth (apparently..) an angry Nariko ran away from home, determined to discover the truth behind her own personal origin-story.

After a month or so of wandering, she met the dragonborn fighter Tovar, whom she convinced to team up with her to complete several jobs and adventures (Notably the epic yarn “Raiders of the Lost Fedora”). Later on in that same year, she and Tovar met the tiefling scholar Larissa and adventured with her during the events of “Keep on the Shadowfell”.



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