Nariko Rayne

An impulsive human teen with a tendancy to light things on fire.


Personality traits:

Impulsive and impatient, Nariko has a short temper, but rarely holds a grudge. Nariko loves new experiences, and is constantly curious. She is particularly obsessed about finding information about House Lyrander and her heritage in relation to it.

Mannerisms / Appearance:

Nariko usually tries to be cheerful and friendly to new people, but may be easily offended and is quick to retaliate any perceived slights.

A petite teenaged girl, Nariko has short, ashy blonde hair, bright blue-violet eyes and delicate facial features that could point to a trace of elven blood in her veins.


Nariko was adopted as a baby by a couple that ran a boarding house in a small port city. They already had a son, but had always wanted a daughter, so they jumped when the opportunity presented itself, caring little about the odd blue birthmark in the middle of the child’s back. Nariko’s adopted mother died when she was still very young, and Nariko does not remember her well. Raised by her father and her older brother Erick, Nariko grew to be a very active young woman and a bit of a tomboy, as she spent more of her childhood working with the sailors than with her father at the inn.

When her sorcerer powers started to manifest around age 12, the sailors joked that she would be a fine weather witch one day if she could only keep her temper under control. She was eventually banned from working on the ships by the harbormaster when an ill-timed lightning strike almost set a ship on fire. Her father tried to keep her inside as much as possible after that. While he was ill-equipped to teach her about her new-found magic, he did try to teach her how to use it responsibly, particularly about how she shouldn’t be using them to zap the neighborhood boys. Nariko spent her home-bound time learning as much as she could from the various tenants at the boarding house, fascinated by their stories of far-off places and adventures. She especially liked learning about magic, and the numerous mages that came through their little inn were usually delighted by the young girl with such an interest in their work. One particularly long-term tenant, a wizard named Telvann, taught her about rituals, and how arcane power could be gathered and harnessed to produce intricate effects. While she had trouble with the finesse and concentration required for ritual casting, with Telvann’s help she eventually managed to master one ritual, that of Comprehend Languages.

Some time after this, Telvann mentioned that certain rituals might come easier to her because of her Mark. Nariko had never given much thought to the intricate mark on her back, thinking it related to her sorcerer powers. No one had ever told her about dragonmarks, and when Telvann told her all about the Mark’s meaning, she became angry at her father for keeping the knowledge of her heritage from her. Telvann thought she was half-elven, as the Mark of Storm was almost unheard of on any other race, and for the first time in her life, Nariko was unsure of herself. Determined to learn where she came from, and still blinded by anger at the secrets that had been kept from her, Nariko gathered some meager supplies and stole away into the night.

Nariko Rayne

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