The Machine

From the massive box emerges a humanoid crafted of whirring gears and steel. Steam emerges from vents on his back, and his metallic eyes glow with the promise of mechanical violence.


The Machine
Level 5 Brute (Elite)

Medium natural animate (construct)

Initiatve +6
Senses – Perception +7; infra-red darkvision

HP 100
Bloodied 50

AC 20
Fort 17
Reflex 18
Will 16

Immune – disease, poison
Resist 5 lightning; see “Power Socket”, below.
Speed 4; but see “Rocket Grab”, below.
Action Points 1

Heavy Slam (standard; at will; prior to Double Rocket Punch)
8 vs. AC, 1d105 damage

Heavy Rocket Punch (standard; at will, prior to Double Rocket Punch)
Range 10; The Machine fires its fist as a chained projectile; 8 vs Reflex; 2d65 damage. It can wind up its fist as a minor action, effectively reloading it. It has two fists.

Double Rocket Punch (standard; encounter; once bloodied)
Range 10; With a mighty explosion, The Machine fires off both fists at seperate targets, completely severing the chains connecting them to its body. +13 vs. Reflex; targets are knocked prone and restrained. The Machine may use a standard action to equip a smaller, weaker pair of fists.
DC 15 to wriggle free of wrapped chains (Acrobatics)
DC 20 to burst free of wrapped chains (Athletics)
Both of these are move actions.

Slam (standard; at will; after Double Rocket Punch)
Melee 11 vs AC; 1d85 damage

Rocket Punch (standard; at will; after Double Rocket Punch)
Range 10; The Machine fires its fist as a chained projectile; +9 vs Reflex; 1d12 damage. It can wind up its new fists as a free action.

Rocket Grab (standard; at will; recharge 6)
Range 10; The Machine fires off a grasping hand; 8 vs Reflex; the target is grabbed until it escapes. The Machine may attempt to throw a grabbed target as a move action (8 vs. Fortitude, slide the target 2 squares and knock it prone).
A successful attack against DC 10 allows this move to be used to grab distant, unattentated objects, or structures such as pillars or walls. A Strength check is required to pull heavy objects; structures and extremely heavy objects instead pull The Machine towards them (pulling, pushing, and sliding do not provoke attacks of opportunity, even from Marked targets).
A common tactic while using Rocket Grab is to grab the ceiling above agile or otherwise hard-to-grab opponents; loose rubble is pulled downwards, caving in the area and causing rocks to fall on the hapless opponent. Ceilings made of stronger stuff (such as worked stone) instead pull The Machine directly above its opponent, causing it to fall downwards and land on its target (+10 vs Reflex). If the attack hits, the target takes all of The Machine’s falling damage (1d10 for every 10 feet fallen) and is knocked prone into an adjacent square. If the attack misses, The Machine takes the full amount of falling damage, and falls prone in an adjacent square.

Grab (standard; at will)
Close +8 vs Reflex; the target is grabbed until it escapes. Grabbed targets grant combat advantage. The Machine gains +2 to all attacks made against them, including its Buzzing Blades.

Bull Rush (standard; at will)
Close +12 vs Fortitude; the target is pushed back one square.

Buzzing Blades (minor; at-will)
Close attack, +7 vs Reflex; 1d6 damage
This attack (being a close attack) affects all creatures adjacent to The Machine.
Roll attack rolls for each target, but use a single damage roll.
“Large serrated blades set into the creature’s arms and legs whirr to life, grinding and sawing through anything they touch.”

Chainsawsuit (move; recharge 1)
The Machine shifts 3 squares, provoking no attacks of opportunity.
“The construct’s serrated blades become a whirlwind of frenzied motion. The best you can hope to do is stay out of its way.”

Power Socket (immediate interrupt)
When hit by a lightning-based or electrical attack, The Machine gains an action point.

Overdrive (minor; encounter; action point) * Healing
The Machine gains 10 temporary hit points and can make a saving throw against an ongoing damage effect. If it uses this power while bloodied, it also regains 10 hit points.

Meltdown (standard; action point)
Close burst 3; The Machine throws its arms in the air like it just don’t care, filling the air with a discharge of dangerous electrical energy. After this attack, The Machine is dazed for one round.

Critical Failure (immediate reaction, when reduced to 0 hit points) * Fire
Close burst 1; The Machine explodes when destroyed; 7 vs Fortitude; 2d63 fire damage.

Action Points: The Machine may use an action point once per round in order to grant it another standard action, another use of Overdrive, or another use of Meltdown.

DCs to break The Machine:

The chains that connect the Machine’s hands to its arms have Damage Resistance 10 and 10 hit points.
There are two chains, one for each fist.
The Machine has two pairs of fists; one Heavy (DR 10 and 15 HP each) and one Light (DR 5 and 10 HP each)

A severed fist can be reattached with a move action; but can no longer be used for Rocket attacks.

A destroyed or missing fist can no longer be used to make attacks; a fistless robot is a crippled robot.

A crippled robot can only use its Action Point attacks or its Buzzing Blade attack without penalty. Grab attacks are at -10 penalty and its Bull Rush attack provokes attacks of opportunity.

Alignment – Unaligned
Languages – Death, Terror
Skills – Athletics +14, Acrobatics +9, Intimidate +10

STR 17 +5
DEX 18 +6
WIS 14 +4
CON 15 +4
INT 11 +1
CHA 8 +1


Head – Horned helm (lvl 6),
Chest – Battleforged Shield (p114 AV1),
Feet – Goblin Stompers (p129 AV1).

[Specialized treasure — something for everyone.]


Knowledge checks.

Arcana, Nature — less than 15:

You have no idea what this is

Arcana, Nature — 15:

You believe it to be a medium animate, an artifical construct, perhaps related to the warforged in some way. It is a total mystery to you how these hobgoblins came to possess one, however.

Arcana, Nature — 20:

You know the powers of this particular creature.

Arcana, Nature — 25: You strongly suspect that this creature, this construct is resistant to disease, poison, and lightning. You think that hitting it with electrical attacks would be a bad idea. You think that it may be vulnerable to attacks that damage and corrode metal in some way.

History — 10:

From what you remember about constructs, this particular creature appears to be of an ancient dwarven model, built to cut down forests in one of the early Dwarven / Elven wars. It appears to have been heavily remodeled and rebuilt since then.

Perception — 20:

[As it turns its head to the side] – A small glint catches your eye, that of raised metal letters at the base of this construct’s head. They seem too small to read from where you are standing, however, and the creature just won’t stay still.

(Once the construct is defeated or Perception — natural 20:) Raised letters seem to have been crudely stamped into the metal at the base of this construct’s head-piece. You recognize the letters as Orcish.

The Machine

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