The Hat

A fine leather fedora crafted from enchanted materials.


This “Lost Fedora” possesses unknown magical properties and is of high religious significance to the Elven race. It is well-crafted with fine stitching, and due to recent escapades is now slightly dented.


Long ago:

The history of the creation of this item is known only to the Elven race. It is possibly very old, indeed.

Quite some time ago:

[Rumor] An ancient elven treasure—this Hat—was carried away by a maurading kobold empire.

This old rumor may be true, for it is certain that the empire managed to lay its greedy little claws upon the Hat shortly before collapsing into ruin. The remnants of the empire were scattered to the winds, and most descended rapidly into savagery, creating crude tribes which haunt the ruins of their people’s former glory [which was only great by kobold standards, really. Not all that great.]

The Hat itself was sequestered away in a crumbling old temple, guarded by many ingenious traps of startling workmanship. Eventually, the surrounding jungle crept in and swallowed up the temple, and it fell from living memory.

Awhile ago:

Having rediscovered the ancient temple, a jungle-dwelling tribe of kobolds took residence therein, repairing the traps as best they knew how. Possession of the Hat drove this tribe to then-unheard of heights of religious zealotry (their religion being a crude type of voodoo). In their zeal, they would annex or kill many of the surrounding tribes, quickly growing in strength and numbers.
Following that, they would stake out an ever-growing claim upon the surrounding jungle, presenting a deadly, largely-unseen threat to travelers, traders, and explorers. Knowledge of their lands by outsiders quickly fell into guess-work and hearsay.

Not too long ago:

Aided by the gnome captain Ontario, of the steamship Maxwell’s Revenge, and accompanied by several halfing hirelings, the PCs snuck their way into the dilapidated temple via an unexpected route. Once there, they braved many traps and dangers in a short time before escaping with their prize, the Hat. Their new treasure was briefly lost again, as it was stolen by the conniving Belloq, but it was speedily recovered with single-minded craziness as the PCs chased after it, knocking through a horde of kobolds, and defeated Belloq, taking back the Hat.
Now pursued by the entire enraged tribe of kobolds, the PCs legged it back to the steamship, and got the hell out of Dodge.


The Hat with its unknown powers and highly religious appeal was returned to the Elven empire by the PCs, particularly an unexpectedly gracious Nariko. A facimile of the hat was constructed out of similar, non-magical materials, and gifted to her as a symbol of thanks.

The true Hat’s current condition is unkown, but remains in the hands of the Elves, possibly under heavy guard by top men.

The Hat

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